What are the values of S.O.S AMAZONIA?

Having partners is essential, therefore, governments, companies and other civil society organizations will be welcome to fulfill our mission.

Focus on achieving the results arising from our vision, however always available for new ideas and activities that help to contribute to our goals.

Transparency, ethics and socio-environmental awareness.

How will the awareness program against forest fires work?

Education and national and international visibility are the ways to mitigate the rates of fires in our Amazon Biome. Regions of Pará (such as São Felix) are among the highest rates of fires. Acting in these specific areas is a priority.

What is the focus of the Standing Forest program?

Develop projects aimed at reducing deforestation and maintaining biodiversity, adding value to sociobiodiversity.

How does the community structuring program work?

It works by acting in socially vulnerable communities, especially indigenous ones, will be supported through the promotion of social groups, such as cooperatives and associations of agro-extractive producers, in order to generate income and better conditions for these aforementioned traditional communities in the region.

What is the focus of the landscape restoration program?

The focus is on areas deforested through environmental services that make it possible to generate an impact on the increase of carbon stocks.